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Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops


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Camp Super Heck Yeah! 

                                                                            Greetings from The Banner!

***Thank you for your understanding as we move into 2022. As many are aware, in 2021 we were caught off guard when our home base experienced a series of multiple break ins and burglaries. After much consideration to how the situations were handled, we opted not to proceed with a renewal of our lease. Since then, we have yet to find the perfect location for our rehearsals and workshops. We will be happy to announce our new home base when we find it. Until then, we ask that our returning and new families do not make our camp a definitive part of their summer plans this season. We will miss you if we are unable to accommodate you this year.***

We began our mission with a mind to change lives through theatre, dance, music, and art. 

We came together not just with the expertise needed to teach young minds, but with the mindset that believes that these kids are capable of anything they set their minds to. We hire the types of individuals who know the impact our services can have on young people, and who care about giving the gift of inspiration. Through community and friendship, The Banner Studios has grown to be a top-level studio providing classes, competitive teams, productions, and our acclaimed summer camp program, recommended in a personal review by educational specialist Dr. Pamela Harris.

We focus on all aspects of a production - a production for kids, by kids. They'll be assisting in the choreography, the costuming, the set designs, helping each other to learn lines and overcome theatre jitters, and they'll be involved in the great adventures of Idaho. 

We're gearing up for a new season, and we are excited for what this year will bring! Fill out a contact form to receive your registration packet. Financial Aid and scholarships are available! 

As always, families that choose to pay in full will receive a 30% discount off the entire season!

                                                                                         Regular Pricing

                                                                 Camp begins at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm 

                                                                                    Monday through Friday

                                                                    Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Included
                                                                 Full Time - $165/week (+$30/additional sibling) 

                                                                Part Time - $100/week (+$20/additional sibling)

 One Day Only - $35 (+$10/additional sibling)     

New This Summer - Kiddo Camp!

                                     You've asked, and we've heard you!
We are preparing a curriculum of Kiddo Camp for the convenience of our new and returning camp families. We are excited to invite siblings age 0-4 into our program to join us for our fun-filled days in the sun. This new branch of our program will benefit our families and staff members who have struggled in the past to find ways for younger siblings to be involved in Banner activities. Music, crafts, movies, games - fun, fun, fun! 

So excited to play with the littles all summer!  At this time, Kiddo Camp is only available to younger siblings of C-SHY campers, and staff children. Kiddo Camp is offered at a significant discount as a courtesy and we ask for parent feedback as we run this addition on a trial basis. 

Camp Super Heck Yeah!

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Community Theatre

Community Theatre

Welcome to Our Community 

The Banner is first and foremost a community-based organization. Our core goal is to provide creative arts programs for people of all ages, while giving back to our community as a whole. 
Some roles/responsibilities within our theater productions are paid, but the most important aspect of putting on an excellent show is the dedication and kindness of our performers and crew.

Please contact us for audition information, for upcoming production information, or for details on our compensated positions/roles.



Video auditions are accepted, and we host group audition callbacks for our performers to riff off each other and get a feel for how our theatre troupe is managed. 


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